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debian open source study

Hello again, Debian Developers

Maybe you remember our mail according our debian open source study - if not, it is anyway attached at the end of this mail.

We are proud and happy to announce the beginning of the research phase, we are ready to discuss with you, if you want to. You can subscribe here: https://admin.netshadow.at/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/debian-research or simply subscribe to: debian-research-subscribe@netshadow.at

We have prepared the following general topics/questions as a guideline for the discussion. Please feel free to comment any of these. We will throw in questions and sub-topics to guide the discussion.
- How did you become an Open Source Developer?
- Why do you participate an Open Source Project? Are you doing it for fun in your free time or is it your job? - What do you like about being an Open Source Developer, what fascinates you? - Do you see yourself as the typical Hacker, sitting the whole day and night in front of your computer, your best friend? - What do you expect from participating the Debian Project or Open Source projects generally? Better Software, a better World, Fun, Fame, ...? - Do you think Software should generally be Open Source? Does proprietary Software make sense? - Are you fully satisfied with the organization of the Debian Project? What do/don't you like about the organization of Open Source Projects generally?

Thanks again for your hopefully numerous contribution. Please subscribe and start discussing as soon as you like and tell people who you think are interested about this study (we don't want to spam all debian mailing-lists).
Hope this works ;)

peter, gunther, roland
Dear Debian Developers,

I'm sorry that this is no technical topic, but I couldn't manage to post on the debian-project mailing list and really need to do that today somehow.

We are a group of Software Developers (commercial, not open source), additionally studying Communication Sciences at the University of Vienna (Austria) and want to make a small (we are in the 2nd term) qualitative study about Debian Open Source Developers and their motivations. We are planning to build a forum and like to discuss and find out about the motivations of becoming an Open Source Developer. Our project has not started yet, but we have to pretest our plan, thus we need to find out if anyone and how many of you would be willing to make a little contribution in our future discussion forum and help us finish our small project. We hope that at least a few of you are willing or even interested in discussing - it's not really a hell of work to do for you and any contribution would be appreciated.

Please notify us if you would be willing to help.

Greetings and many thanks in advance,
Peter Weishapl, Gunther Schenk and Roland Janda

p.s. If there are enough people answering this mail (about 5 should be enough for us) we will publish a link in the debian mailing lists, inviting people to the discussion forum.

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