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Re: Bug#252208: ITP: funcoeszz -- This is a collection of bash scripts with many applications.

Michael Schiansky wrote:
> Well, i found no english version, so now i'm still clueless what this
> packages is about.
It's a collection of one-liner shell scripts for various stuff, e.g.
dos2linux and linux2dos:

# Conversão de arquivos texto entre DOS e linux
# Obs.: o arquivo original é gravado como arquivo.{dos,linux}
# Uso: zzdos2linux arquivo(s)
#      zzlinux2dos arquivo(s)
zzdos2linux(){ zzzz -z $1 zzdos2linux && return
local A; for A in "$@"; do cp "$A" "$A.dos" && chmod -x $A &&
sed 's/
$//' "$A.dos"   > "$A" && echo "convertido $A"; done; }
zzlinux2dos(){ zzzz -z $1 zzdos2linux && return
local A; for A in "$@"; do cp "$A" "$A.linux" &&
sed 's/$/
/' "$A.linux" > "$A" && echo "convertido $A"; done; }

This kind of reminds me of "common unix commands reimplemented" in the
sed documentation, but every time someone suggest that such stuff is not
suitable for inclusion into Debian for lack of utility people get upset
and I don't really need that.

BTW: The ITPs upstream author field is also wrong.


Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

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