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Re: How can I learn which binary .debs are built from a $MODULE_source package?

Marc Haber <mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de> writes:

> Hi,
> I like to build dependency helper packages that ease
> cross-kernel-version updates. To build these for kernel module .debs,
> I need to learn how the binary kernel module package is named. For
> most packages, this can be accomplished by parsing
> /usr/src/modules/$MODULE/debian/control after building the .deb.
> However, this doesn't work for i2c and lm-sensors, since debian/rules
> for these packages does a clean immediately after building.
> I would prefer not to call the module's kdist_foo targets directly
> since that would mean interfering with kernel-package.
> Is there an easier way to look how the binary kernel module debs are
> named? Or is cleaning immediately after building the module a bug in
> i2c and lm-sensors?
> Any hints will be appreciated.
> Greetings
> Marc

I'm CCing debian-kernel since people intrested in kernel packaging
should be there.

I have the same problem for sourcerer-kernel-builder. I need to get a
list of all kernel-patch and kernel-module packages available and
figure out what the /usr/src/module/$MODULE dir will be named if that
package is to be used.

It would be good if the new debian-kernel team / ML could draft a
policy for kernel-patch and kernel-module packages on how to name the
source debs, how to name the dirs and how the finished binary debs
should be called. Same for kernel-image-arch and kernel-patch-arch
packages but they are pretty similar already.

I'm sure the security team would be happy if all kernel packages would
follow a common layout and could be audited or fixed all in the same

So how about it. Volunteres to write a policy draft or a summary of
current practices which could then be refined?


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