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Re: Lost Trust

On Jun 01, Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> wrote:

> As to how removing non-free firmware helps free software, it helps for many
> of the same reasons removing non-free <anything> helps free software.
> 1) It encourages free alternatives to be written.
This is not true: free alternatives cannot be reasonably written, as
*nothing* is known about the hardware.

> 2) It encourages original vendors to open their source to the community if
> they deem it appropriate.
What makes you think that a vendor would care? And why it /should/ care?

> 3) It encourages people to support vendors who follow the tenets of free
> software, making it a more profitable move to do so.
This has nothing to do with free software: just about every hardware
device needs a firmware of which we do not have the source. The point
is that some (more and more, nowadays) do not have it in a EEPROM but
have it uploaded by the OS.


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