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Re: Bug#251980: ITP: hc-cron -- A cron daemon for home computers

Graham Wilson <bob@decoy.wox.org> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 01:06:48AM +0200, Adam Byrtek wrote:
>> * Package name    : hc-cron
>>   Version         : 0.15
>>   Upstream Author : Felix Braun <fbraun@atdot.org>
>> * URL             : http://freshmeat.net/projects/hc-cron/
>> * License         : GPL
>>   Description     : A cron daemon for home computers

>>  It runs specified jobs at periodic intervals and will remember the
>>  time when it was shut down and catch up jobs that have occurred
>>  during down time when it is started again. Hc-cron is based on the
>>  widely used vixie-cron and uses the same crontab format so that it
>>  can be used as a drop-in replacement for that program.

> How is this different from using cron and anacron?

That is obvious, isn't it? ;-)

* anacron does not provide (its own subset of) these features for
  anybody else but root, as only root can modify /etc/anacrontab.

* anacron does not use "the same crontab format" it uses its own one.

* Anacron does not provide means to run job a at 3 AM and job b at 4 AM
  if the computer is running at that time and at a bootup otherwise.

hc-cron seems to be similar to fcron with the added bonus that it is a
drop-in replacement for cron.

Adam, "catch up jobs that have occurred during down time when it is
started again" is either inexact or useless. - e.g. for
*/30 2-5 * * * * foo
I usually wouldn't want cron to catch up these jobs by running foo six
times after bootup if I switched off the computer overnight.
              cu andreas
NMUs aren't an insult, they're not an attack, and they're
not something to avoid or be ashamed of.
                    Anthony Towns in 2004-02 on debian-devel

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