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How to parse sections in INI-file? (existing tool?)

Hi there,

I plan to interpret / convert an ini-file like this:

property 1 = value 1
property 2 = value 2
property 3 = value 3

property 1 = value 4

As can be seen, the names of the sections, properties, values may contain 
spaces. Seperators are new line, [ ] for section heads, '=' for 
property/value. As this format is not only default for ini-files in windows, 
but also for many *rc config files, there should be ready made routines in c 
or c++ or even qt to handle such files.

Any hints welcome


P.S.: Being used to C and Java, what would be the best option for developing X 
apps? c++/qt? v c++ gui? gtk? java? ... ? thanks!

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