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First Aid & CPR indoor training seminar

Title: SETTEC NewsLetter


This seminar aims at training people in different places, jobs, activities, age groups, and risk situations to deal with accidents in order to prevent the occurrence of deaths or chronic problems of the injured or affected personnel.
These accidents are not necessarily limited to trauma, but it also includes the response to poisoning, burns, animal and insect bites, drowning, shock, chalking, fevers, etc.
These seminars may also include a special focus, as required by the trainees, about special chemical injuries according to the material safety data sheet content of their working environment.

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For more information about SETTEC and this seminar Please contact
Mr. Essam Mahmoud
Agooza Police Tower
Nawal St., Third Floor
Agooza, Giza, Egypt
202 - 3362040 , 202- 7614343
202- 3387527 , 2012 - 7896969

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