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Debian 3.0r2 DVD on Cover of APC Mag

Afternoon all,

I've just posted this to dwn@d.o - the aussies amongst us should head on down to their newsagent and grab themselves a copy of June's Australian Personal Computer (APC) magazine which includes a pressed DVD of Debian 3.0r2. I've got nothing to do with APC but think we should do all we can to support initiatives like this - and for under 10 bucks too - including a decent read and a bunch of irrelevant Windoze software and DVD applications.

Australian Personal Computer have outdone themselves, following up their 3CD 3.0 special this time last year with a pressed Debian 3.0r2 DVD containing all 7CDs. There is also a concise yet comprehensive installation guide complete with screenshots spanning pages 142 and 143. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a convenient single disc containing the entire archive for all of AUD9.80, and as a bonus you also get a decent magazine which this months talks about PCs, broadband and 8x DVD writers.



Sam Johnston, Director
Australian Online Solutions

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