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Re: What to put in a devel deb package

This one time, at band camp, Alejandro Arrieta Rios wrote:
>I want to make deb packages of some programs that I use (quake2 dday mod). 
>I saw that source packages need *-dev packages to be built. These -dev 
>packages only contain header files, or something more? 
>I need a quake2-dev to start trying to make my quake2 dday mod deb package, 
>but it doesnt exists. So i want to make the quake2-devel myself. 
>All hints are welcomed. 

What header files do you need?  I've been planning on doing the same for
the same reason.

I *think* all you need to build the mods are the headers, so it should
be easy to pack them into a -dev package that installs them in
/usr/include/quake2 or somesuch.

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