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Bug#183736: ITP: madman - An advanced music manager application


I would like to package madman and am also replying to an old RFP I
found for this package.

Quoting the author:
  madman is a tool to help you manage your music collection. It reads 
  and writes tags for you, organizes, searches, deletes, plays, and 
  enqueues in XMMS. A powerful expression syntax and a streamlined 
  one-window GUI allow you to listen to better music all the time. 
  The "Play 20 random songs" feature lets you discover music you 
  didn't even know you owned.
  madman is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or
  higher. Exceptions are mikmod and parts of irman plugins which are
  licensed under GNU Library General Public License version 2 or higher.
  It can be downloaded from http://madman.sourceforge.net.

Madman is stable and very nice to use. The upstream author has
already been contacted and would be happy to see it part of Debian, in
fact has even provided selfmade .debs for unstable for a while.

I will wait some days for responses and then upload it.



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