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[gmane.linux.debian.devel.general] Custom Debian Distributions at DebConf 4

Em Thu, 13 May 2004 08:39:09 +0200, Andreas Tille escreveu:

> Hi all,

Hi Andreas,
> I recently noticed that at DebConf 4 is no official talk for Custom Debian
> Distributions is sceduled at
>     http://www.debconf.org/debconf4/?q=node/view/35
> Moreover I noticed that many developers do not really know what Custom Debian
> Distributions are.  I'd like to attract your notice to the fact that there are
> people in the world which have a *very* close look on exactly this issue because
> it exactly fits their needs.  Let me tell you two little stories:
>   To the OSWC meeting in Malaga about 10 DDs where invited *because* they are
>   dealing with Custom Debian Distribution issues.  They where not only invited
>   but got all their travel expenses covered and a 150 Euro per night hotel
>   (at least the special offer for the web booking told this) was paid for them.
>   There was a huge lot of very high quality food and wine available.
>   It was similar in the last conference in Valencia.  Even if not as much
>   Debian Developers as the organizers invited were able to attend it was
>   quite similar.  I had the nice experience to use a business flight.
> While I personally would love if organizers would spend only one third of the
> money per developer and invite three times more developers instead I learned
> one lesson:
>    People outside Debian do really care about Custom Debian Distributions.
> While we are *free* to ignore this fact as we are free to do other things I
> think this is not the best strategy to make Debian popular.  IMHO Custom Debian
> Distributions fit exactly in very hot topics like User Linux which was suggested
> by Bruce Perens and the latest efforts of Progeny regarding to Componentized Linux.
> I want to make sure that you people do not think that Custom Debian Distributions
> is only fun for some very special outsiders: It is an effort regarding to
> the needs of our users.  It also addresses the never ending story about release
> cycles.  Bdale pronounced at the Malaga confrence some very interesting ideas
> which were modified slightly by others and came up at Valencia again.  This
> stuff is summed up at
>   http://people.debian.org/~tille/cdd/ch-todo.en.html#s-new_ways_of_distribution
> and I think that this issue is so general and interesting for all people inside
> Debian that it is worth a talk in itself.
> So my reaction to all these nice things the Spanish people provided to me and
> my fellow developers was to keep the ball roling and provide good documentation
> about all these issues to attract more people.  Well I did so at
>   http://people.debian.org/~tille/cdd/
> and hope that this is convincing anough to find a free slot for a talk about
> Custom Debian Distributions prefered in the beginning of the conference.  If
> you are not yet convinced you might consider tha fact that our new installer
> was born out of a strong initiative of Debian-Edu - just one Custom Debian
> Distribution.
> Mako told me that he had applied for a talk but was not accepted (or rather
> was ignored by just giving no answer at all).  I will not be able to attend
> DebConf but I know that Mako or others will be able and competent to do so
> and I would strongly vote for such a talk.
> Kind regards and wish you all good success at DebConf 4
>         Andreas.

I'm forwarding your message for the debconf4 list.

Gustavo R. Montesino

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