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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

I demand that Marek Habersack may or may not have written...

> On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 07:49:19AM -0500, John Hasler scribbled:
>> Marek writes:
>>> What you mention as a problem, the fake sender addresses, are really a
>>> problem but, selfishly, I'd rather ignore that issue.
>> Selfish isn't the word for it.  I get damn near as many bogus bounces as
>> spams.

> Me too,


> and I treat them as spam... :) (what's more, it works)

<AOL> (again), but my mail configuration (receives mail via SMTP; restricted
to connections from a particular /24, as recommended by my ISP) uses exim's
receiver_verify* options to cause "550 no such user" responses. Generally,
this results in bounced forged-envelope-from spam to be bit-bucketed and
noted in a log file (461 such entries since 06:38 +0100 yesterday).

Since I mention exim: I've yet to investigate exim4, but my one short
encounter with it says that it runs in daemon mode. Since I quite like exim3
being run from inetd, is startup time something of an issue for exim4 (assume

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The bugs in your program are unfixable in the time it takes to fix them.

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