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cisco cisco cisco

Subject: Cisco Cisco Cisco
Cisco Routers
CISCO1721                Cisco 1700 series router with 2x WIC slots                £495
CISCO2610XM           Cisco 2600 series router single ethernet                    £699
CISCO2611XM           Cisco 2600 series router dual ethernet                       £999
CISCO837-K9             Cisco 800 series ADSL Router with 3DES                 £299
Cisco Switches
WS-C2950-24             Cisco 2950 24 port 10/100Mbps Switch                    £355
WS-C2950G-24-EI       Cisco 2950 24 port Switch with 2x GBIC slots          £899       to clear
WS-C2950G-48-EI       Cisco 2950 48 port Switch with 2x GBIC slots          £1605     to clear
WS-C3550-24-EMI       Cisco 3550 24 port Switch with 2x GBIC EMI           £1705
WS-C3550-48-EMI       Cisco 3550 48 port Switch with 2x GBIC EMI           £2250
WS-C3524-XL-EN        Cisco 3524 Enterprise 24 port Switch with 2x GBIC  £805
WS-X4515                  Cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 4 engine                  £4625
WS-X4008                  Cisco Catalyst 4500 Power Supply                          £380
Cisco WIC Modules
WIC-1ENET                Cisco single port Ethernet WIC card                        £125        to clear
WIC-1T                       Cisco single serial port WIC card                            £125
Cisco GBIC Modules
WS-G5484                Cisco 1000Base-SX GBIC module                            £120
WS-G5483                Cisco 1000Base-T GBIC module                              £195
WS-G5486                Cisco 1000Base-Lx GBIC module                            £195
Please let me know if you require any further prics as we are able to source the entire range at good discount. 
All products are new retail sealed and in stock.


0845 1212 377


If there are any further products you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact me as we are able to supply the whole range at very competitive prices.
All prices are excluding VAT and delivery.  - please email remove in the subject for removal 
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