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Re: about seismic unix

Hello Rajiv, 

Am 2004-05-11 13:04:29, schrieb rajiv kumar:
>i am a geophysics student and i want to know about seismic unix .
>what is the procedure to get this , is this a software to deal with seismic
>data and its interpretation.

I think this is not the right list for asking this.
Try insteed <mailto:debian-user@lists.debian.org>

But I am one of this braindamaged Linuxer which...

Check out <http://www.cwp.mines.edu/cwpcodes> which 
is the Homepage for this project.

Oh yes, i am ongoing to pack it up for Debian/non-free

>please give me reply soon as early .
>vasudev bansal

Hmmm... Are you spamer ?
Bizzar E-Mail...  Different Real-Names...


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