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Re: Social Contract: Practical Implications

>>>>> "Nathanael" == Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> writes:

    Nathanael> Yes.  For instance, NVIDIA cards will be supported with a
    Nathanael> slow driver which only supports some cards and some features,
    Nathanael> rather than NVIDIA's more full-featured and faster
    Nathanael> binary-only driver.  Sun's Java will not be available in
    Nathanael> Debian; instead only the flaky-on-non-i386 Kaffe, incomplete
    Nathanael> GCJ, etc. will be available.

I think Sun's Java implementation has never been available "in Debian".  The
only source of it is from a third-party apt-source, which won't be changed
no matter how the SC change (unless, of course, it changes in such a way
that Debian collapse).


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