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Re: Definition of COUNTRY (Was: Resignation)

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):

> > What makes you think that will never change ? Why not imagine having a 
> > "version quebecoise" at some time ?
> I have not claimed that it won't change; I'm merely pointing out that
> the existing design does accomodate regional language variants, but
> that this functionality is very rarely needed in practice.

We won't let them do this, tabernacle..:-). More seriously speaking,
when it comes to french language (this may differ for other widespread
languages) in Debian and more generally speaking all free Unices, all
french-speaking people work together on one translation. Several
french l10n initiatives indeed come from Quebec, because of the
spefcific sensitivity about preserving language and culture
there....but in most of these, one may find
French/Belgian/Swiss/others contributors.

However, in Debian, for some unknown reasons, I'm not aware of any
french-canadian contributor. Their presence in -devel-french or
-l10n-french is very weak, or even null. No idea why.

> > The other problem is that it seems that this screen is either used for 
> > selecting a language variant, or for selecting a location place. That's 
> > not really what we can call consistency...
> I do agree that every entry in languagechooser should have a 1:1
> correspondance to a translation.

Looks like we are three thinking about the same (you just write it
better than me, damn....)

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