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Re: When will amd64 be allowed in sid?

* Ga?l Le Mignot (kilobug@freesurf.fr) wrote:
> Biarch can be  usefull because is many cases  the drawbacks of 64-bits
> (bigger  datatypes,  including  bigger  pointers,  which  lead  to  an
> increase of memory bandwidth  and cache-line usage) are more important
> that the gains. I don't know exactly for AMD64, but for Sparc 64, many
> applications run faster when compiled in 32-bits.

While you're right about sparc64, amd64 is a little different because
you get more registers when you're running in 64bit mode.  I think
there's some other advantages too that actually make up for the fact
that the pointers and whatnot are larger.

> But that's  not a reason to delay  AMD64 from being in  Sid IMHO. It's
> just a reason for why biarch would be good on the long run.

Sure, biarch is good, will be useful on amd64 as well as other things
when it eventually happens, but let's get a pure amd64 into the archive
since it's ready to go now.


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