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Re: When will amd64 be allowed in sid?

Hi Adam, hi everybody!

On 2004-05-06  4:33 +0000, Adam Majer wrote:
> Chris Cheney wrote:
> Debian > *needs* to support amd64, not as a subarch of i386, but a port on its 
> own.[1] 

I fully agree.

> Personally, it would be a shame if Amd64 was blocked simply by the lack 
> of mirror space[3].

If there is so little mirror space left, then we have a problem
anyway: adding a new architecture to an existing number of ten would
mean that we need approx. 10% more space, regardless of how big sid
currently is. OTOH, look on the growth of package count in sid. How
long does it take sid to grow by 10%? Some months? 

Since package growth is exponential, but adding a new architecture
only proportional in required extra space, I don't really regard lack
of mirror space as a valid argument. Or am I fundamentally wrong here?

I really don't know anything about Debian's current financial
situation, is it really so bad that we cannot afford a few more hard

Thanks in advance for comments! 


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