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Re: Mass bug filing: Cryptographic protection against modification

Don Armstrong schrieb:
> If you really want to be that pedantic about things, it's rather
> trivial to argue that the GPL should be explicitely exempted by DFSG
> §10, even though I'm personally not happy with doing that.[1]

But the GPL text is not GPL'ed.

> Regardless, I really don't see a problem here. But, again, if you
> really think that it is a serious issue, one that we can't fix by
> applying some common sense,[2] think about how to fix the issue
> sanely, and propose language to fix it.

To me, common sense says don't apply DFSoftwareG to images, fonts
and many other things. Other people's common sense seems to disagree.
So, obviously, common sense is differing among people. That's what
written guidelines are for.


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