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Re: Bug#246731: udev: "grep -ri . /etc" and the like are bad now.


--- Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT> wrote:
> This is a duplicate of #246592.
> (Be sure to read all of it before further actions on your part. If at
> the end you still disagree please raise the issue on debian-devel.)
Have you read the last post on 246592? Replyed too it?

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Moving real /dev into /etc breaks things.  Here is a working solution...

    mount --bind /dev /.udev
    #... later after mountin tmpfs /dev
    mkdir -p /dev/.hidden/a /dev/.hidden/etc/udev/.dev
    mount --bind /dev/.hidden/a /dev/.hidden/etc/udev/.dev
    ln -s /.udev /etc/udev/.dev
    #... later after mountin / rw
    mount -n tmpfs /dev -t tmpfs -o $tmpfs_opts

This is to work around a bug in MAKEDEV to use /etc/udev/.dev as the
remount of the real dev.  A misguided pice of code that should have rasied
alarm sonner.  Never the less it has not reached frozen or stable so it
can still be changed and the above code striped of the .hidden cruft.  For
this to happed the symlink from /etc/udev/.dev to /$new_dev must be made.

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