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Re: /media for sarge?

On Fri, 30 Apr 2004 08:23:09 +0200
Marc Haber <mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de> wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Apr 2004 02:32:37 +0200, Timothy Demulder
> <timothy.demulder@tiscali.be> wrote:
> >How about including /srv in sarge?
> >
> >(http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html#SRVDATAFORSERVICESPROVIDEDBYSYSTEM)
> >
> >[...] Therefore, no program should rely on a specific subdirectory structure of /srv existing or data necessarily being stored in /srv. However /srv should always exist on FHS compliant systems and should be used as the default location for such data. [...]
> What kind of data will move from /var to /src? Web Content? File
> system trees for chrooted daemons? Backups? CVS Repositories? Mail
> Spool?

Check http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html#SRVDATAFORSERVICESPROVIDEDBYSYSTEM.
That's why I included the link in the message you quoted.



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