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Re: Amendment to the Constitution: Add a new foundation document [Typographical fixes]

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Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

>         [This version contains typographical fixes, and a tightening
>         up of the grammar, of the foundation document. I do not
>         believe any substantive changes have been made.]
>         In order to handle the changes introduced in the GR 2004_003, 
>  I propose we adopt a foundation document that tries to provide
>  guidance and explanation for the transitions required whenever a
>  change occurs in a foundation document like the social contract, and
>  also provides specific remedies to the current dilemma that we find
>  ourself in. This GR proposal is related to the GR currently in
>  discussion for deferring of the changes made in GR 2004_003, and
>  would be on the same ballot, and is an alternative to the GR
>  currently in discussion.
> 	I hereby propose that we amend the constitution to add to the
>  list of foundation documents the document attached in this proposal,
>  titled "Transition Guide" 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>      <OL style="list-style: decimal;">
>        <LI>A Foundation Document is a document or statement regarded as
>         critical to the Project's mission and purposes.</LI>
>        <LI>The Foundation Documents are the works entitled <q>Debian
> -       Social Contract</q> and <q>Debian Free Software Guidelines</q>.</LI>
> +       Social Contract</q>, <q>Transition Guide</q> and 
> +      <q>Debian Free Software Guidelines</q>.</LI>
>        <LI>A Foundation Document requires a 3:1 majority for its
>         supersession.  New Foundation Documents are issued and
>         existing ones withdrawn by amending the list of Foundation
>         Documents in this constitution.</LI>
>      </OL>
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------



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