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Re: ppc64 port

> I wouldn't say that. Tedious yes, difficult no.

Well... Ask that to all the people I know who tried to do it :) it
keeps breaking. Every new glibc CVS checkout breaks the build in a
different way from experience.

> Besides, the debian x86_64 folks build bi-arch already.  Just grab their 
> build scripts.

If they work at all :)

Anyway, whatever the debate is here, the first step is to build a biarch
compiler with the appropriate libcs. Wether it defaults to 32 or 64 bits
is probably a detail at this point. Once we have that and thus the ability
to build ppc64 kernels, we have already a working solution _now_ for people
who want to run debian, for example, on js20.

Once that's done, we can eventually focus on a full 64 bits rebuild of all
package with a gcc configured to default to 64 bits.


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