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Re: ppc64 port


Let's review where some of the the other distros are at and what they
are doing for x86_64 as well. Everyone (and I mean everyone) has the
ability to run both 32 bit and 64 bit code.

For x86-64 and ia64 this makes sense. There are a good
number of non-free binaries out there -- though I must
admit that Debian traditionally gives non-free binaries
the cold shoulder.

Those of us running ppc have long gotten used to doing
without any of those non-free binaries. There isn't any
compatibility benefit to supporting 32-bit stuff. It's
only a matter of performance: do you want 1 glibc in RAM,

I disagree.

There are many things that may not run or that will run better as 32 bit.
For example the OpenOffice.org tree is not 64bit clean (or even close)
and will probably take a lot of work to reach that point. On x86_64 they
simply use the 386 rpm.

I am sure there are other large peices of code that are not 64 bit clean as well. So it would be nice to run 32 bit Linux PPC OOo version until the tree actually gets
cleaned up and the uno-bridge code is written to deal with 64 bit vs
32 bit abi differences.

My 2 cents,


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