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Re: Survey on Debian usage

 - Q: Are you a:  (note: you may choose more than one)
      [ ] Debian developer, or otherwise involved in contributing to Debian
      [ ] Free software developer
      [X] User, using Debian for: Everything from one week ago.
      [X] Other: SuSE 8 user for a year and a half (but now I do not have it installed).

 - Q: Could you please provide one or two typical episodes (whatever you feel
      like) of your life with Debian?
   A: I've just started my debianization proccess, so I don't have much to tell. But I can assure you that my computer has been full renewed, and I love GNU/Linux even more than before.

 - Q: Could you please provide one or two fantasy episodes of your life with
      Debian, if you were to make a movie or a comic strip about yourself as a
      Debian protagonist?
   A: Cameron Diaz with a wet Debian white t-shirt while I ... 
	Well. I just would like someday to contribute Debian with something made by me. My first step is completinf this survey.

 - Q: What Debian distribution are you using?
   A: 3.0 r1 (bf2.4 in one computer, vanilla in other)

 - Q: What do you think people use Debian for?
   A: In professional environment, as a server, mostly. In home, it's so flexible that I suppose that there are so many Debians "uses" as "users" are.

 - Q: What is the thing you most frequently use Debian for?
   A: I'm still installing my packages because I installed Debian for first time just four days ago. But currently I navigate Internet and use my email (Mozilla 1.6), watch movies with ogle-xmms, burn cds with cdrecord and mkisofs (funny), use xawtv for programming my Playstation 2 (Linux kit installed), use my 6in1 card reader to share files with my iPaq and my camera, and I can use my favorite window manager: fluxbox. 

 - Q: What do you think is the most INTERESTING aspect or feature of Debian?
   A: You can start with a robust but minimal set of programs. And you can, then, install ONLY what you need with order and cleanly. 

 - Q: Are there some aspects or features of Debian that do not satisfy you?
   A: The installer gave me some problems. But nothing else.

 - Q: What do you think is the most USEFUL aspect or feature of Debian?
   A: apt-get install solve-my-life

 - Q: Is there something you especially like doing with Debian?  What is it?
   A: To use my computer is now a pleasure. I love to use the un*x command line, but I think that is not very Debian specific, isn't it?.

 - Q: Is there something you DO NOT like doing with Debian?  What is it?
   A: Nothing special.

 - Q: What is the MOST SUCCESSFUL deed you have achieved with Debian?
   A: Installing it!!! It was difficult because of some video problems.

 - Please take a moment to recall what is the WORST INCIDENT you had
   with Debian.

   Q: What was it?
   A: I couldn't make the installer works. It hung. 

   Q: How did you get into it, and out of it?
   A: I had lot of trouble because it seems that my graphic card (ATI 128) doesn't support the default framebuffer (svga16) and I had to learn to disable it because I only saw a black screen. After that, I saw the installer but it hung one time and again at modconf. I had to disable some Video Cache options in the BIOS, as exposed in the documentation and it went OK. After installing, I disabled the aty128fb also because it made the whole system freeze when xawtv runs. 

 - Imagine you have a crystal ball allowing you to see 10 years in the
   future, and have a look inside.  
   Q: Will you still be using Debian?
   A: Yes. Or some Debian related as progeny.

   Q: If yes, what will you be doing with it?
   A: Enjoying my computer. 

 - Q: Finally, please feel free to leave any feedback to Debian Developers
   A: You are making an excellent job, and I relly feel in debt with you. I would like to give you something in return someday.

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