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Re: /media for sarge?

Hi Joey,

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Joey Hess wrote:

> Wanting to follow base-file's lead, I looked at converting the installer
> to use /media, but it seems difficult. /cdrom is hardcoded all over, in
> d-i, in base-config, in apt-cdrom, probably in a number of things such
> as desktop environments, and in many documents. This doesn't feel like
> an item for sarge, but it will be sorta strange if sarge has both /cdrom
> and /media/cdrom and entries in fstab for both that use the same device.
> Would it be sane to have /cdrom and /floppy be symlinks into /media in
> sarge? Mount will follow a symlink, so I think that programs like
> apt-cdrom, that may try to mount /cdrom, will continue to work.
> There's also the question of how we can possibly safely change programs
> like apt-cdrom to use /media/cdrom by default. Since upgraded systems
> are not getting a /media created at all, and will have fstab entries for
> /cdrom, any behavior change in apt-cdrom would break it on those
> systems. Will we leave this up to the admins to sort out, will we fix up
> their fstab and create the mount points on upgrade, or should programs
> that once mounted /cdrom be changed to try both mount points?

I think the same problem will raise again later, won't it? Let's face it
immediatly and get rid of it. Perhaps this is a major change that might
imply a little abuse of a debconf note for base-file and symlinks for
system that are upgrading, but at least new installation will be ok from
the beginning. The user will be able to take appropriate actions later on.
Software that hardencode /cdrom is buggy imho. Either is configurable or
it should be able to parse fstab.

And I agree with the other post on this thread that /srv should be
included as well.

Just my 2 DKK


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