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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

I disagree:

@ 27/04/2004 05:23 : wrote Frank Küster :

I bet that the time when Debain will have removed this non-free stuff
won't differ much, no matter which of both options we take. Debian does
violate it's own SC, in this respect, and this won't change if we delay
sarge's release. But it is clear to me that our commitment to our users,
and our promise to create "an integrated system of high-quality
materials", will be met much better if we take the second one.
I don't think Debian violates it's own SC. Woody was released in the vigence (?!) of the old SC. Debian will violate it's own SC if it releases Woody-r3 under the new SC, without yanking the "evil" parts.


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