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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

> I'm just trying to put things into perspective, not releasing sarge but 
> keeping woody which has, at the very least, the same DFSG issues for 
> documentation and firmware gets us nowhere. So, from my POV, we can either:
> - acknowledge the problem and keep moving (release sarge) knowing that we
> are making a best-effort to do a full DFSG-free audit of all components 
> both within this release and in next releases.
> - stop the release, stop distributing woody, close the mirrors and do an
> audit of all components and don't release until everything is cleared out.
> Select that one which you feel follows best our SC, they might be extremes, 
> but I don't believe there's middle ground here.

I think I feel more or less like Javi....besides the fact of course
that I also deeply regret having missed the vote and having lacked
motivation for voting, just because my attention was focused

Of course, I didn't read any of the giant threads about these issues,
because I happen to have a life besides reading my mail....but my
general impression is that we went into this issue because of what I
would call an incredible and irrealistic bigotry about what is free
and what is not. One could (and one will) argue to me that I indeed
accepted this bigotry when accepting the Debian SC once I applied as a
DD : maybe......but I also want to keep one foot in the real world,
sorry for this.

Of course, I also feel that any choice which would delay the release
too much is a dead end which could even lead to some kind of slow
death for Debian.

So, definitely, for me, releasing sarge as is and acknowledge the
current problem, stating that we're working on it, is the only
realistic issue we're left with. Other issues more or less look like

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