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Re: "Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge" or "Debian commits suicide"

Tim Healy wrote:

The solution to all of these problems is actually very
simple. Follow the policy that has been promulgated up
until now, i.e. sarge-ignore on select issues,
including the GNU FDL and firmware, and after Sarge
deal with them. Debian gets a release out, and we
serve the needs of the users. Then start the Great
Cleansing. Is it so important that it must happen
right now? No, no it's not.

Tim Healy

I have to admit I am in sympathy with this point of view.
I'm not a developer, I am very much a new user, but that position does perhaps lend a perspective that is more in tune with the general 'marketplace'.
'Cleaning up' Debian is a huge job in itself.
It is something that definitely needs to be done, not just to maintain the level of integrity stated with the social contract, but to place Debian in a stronger position to be able to face and survive highly probable legal implications imposed by powerful commercial misappropriators.
If it's totally free, how can they steal it?

But, get Sarge out.
This maintains faith with the user base.
Then spend the next nine months on a massive 'bug-fix', with enough new and improved applications to justify a Sarge + 1 release.


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