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Re: Social Contract GR's effect on sarge

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> writes:

> You know, there was this "committee" which was supposed to meet with the FSF
> about the GFDL problems, and report back in early April?  What ever
> happened to them?  You don't think the FSF could be *stalling*, do you?

Even if the FSF were uncooperative (which I don't know), this fact
should be documented first.  Anything else is unprofessional and will
harm Debian in one way or the other.

>> At the rate we're currently going, I don't really expect to be able to
>> achieve this this year.

> Particularly replacing the documentation, which is *huge*.

Furthermore, any bitmap rendering of a vector drawing has to be
removed if the vector drawing is not available, and all Postscript
files without source code have to be removed.  This audit is a
substantial task.

> Releasing sarge with a documentation shortage is probably the only
> option.

This is not an option at all.

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