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DEHS: Debian External Healt Status

I published a first implementation of DEHS on http://dehs.alioth.debian.org (auto-updated daily).
This could be a sort of Debian External Frontier Healt Status.
DEHS monitor and output some statistics about Watch file and the sync between Debian (unstable/experimental) and author upstream
version of software. 
Under dehs there is a auto-updated full archive of all Watch files found.
I also had make a little bit hacked version of uscan.pl perl script (you can
find it in debian devscripts package) that had also fixed some "important" bug (#146580, #196863, #143284) for the future of
DEHS monitors scopes. I had send my modded version to uscan author Julian Gilbey that had "plan to incorporate them" into the
official version.
Naturally the helpfulness of DEHS depend on how many debian packages had a good an functionally Watch file filled. 

I hope that dehs will become a useful tool for debian people engaged on Debian Qa together with http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/ a kind
of "Debian Internal Healt Status" (i know that Bjorn doesn't like this name :) ) statistics.

I will publish dehs sources file once the svn account on alioth will be activated. 
In the meantime you can post bugs/features request and hint for improve DEHS on http://alioth.debian.org/projects/dehs/.

Tanks to Wiggy for his help on alioth.

Stefano Fabri

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