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Configuration by using local packages


I like to know of your approach for the non-manual configuration
by using local packages.  The ways I know, are:

1. Create local version of the original package with the "right"
   configuration included, e.g. using dpkg-repack.  Version number
   (or epoch) must be higher than original versions.

   => BAD - New versions with important fixes or new features are
      not available anymore.

2. Create local (empty) package, that have the same config files
   as the original packages and using diversions.

   => BAD - In my experience diversions just don't work with config

3. Create local (empty) package overwriting existing config files
   by using cp in postinst.

   => relatively BAD - If new important sections or keywords appear
      in the config files, they are just over-written.

4. Create local (empty) package fiddling more intelligently with
   existing config files, e.g. by using cfengine.

   => never tried this, never used cfengine

5. ???

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Cheers, WB

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