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Re: Security Supporting Debian Kernels in Sarge

* Herbert Xu (herbert@gondor.apana.org.au) [040425 13:25]:
> Today, this is no longer the case for a number of architectures.  The
> upstream kernel supports certain architectures well enough for it to
> be realistic for us to build certain architectures from one source
> package.
> [ one first class and one second class set of kernel sources]

I totally agree with Herbert on this proposal.

Furthermore, this means that we don't need any architecture specific
patches any more. I would propose that we then don't accept such
patches in unstable or testing.

To the other patches: I think we should not have any binary packages
build with source patches applied. If we need it, it should go in the
default kernel. If we just offer it as an option for the more
experienced users, we don't need to create a binary package with it.

Together with Herberts proposal this reduces the number of source
constalations to at most four ({fast, slow} x {2.4, 2.6}).

I also hope / wish that during the freeze time, the slower
architectures can catch up with the faster, so that we even have only
three or even two source packages in sarge.

To the release managers: Please adopt Herberts proposal as part of the
release policy.

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