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Re: more evil firmwares found

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 10:13:50AM +0200, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> * Ryan Underwood <nemesis-lists@icequake.net> [040423 04:01]:
> > This is ridiculous.  Extending the definition of software past "a set of
> > formal instructions for a general purpose computing device, that
> > describe an algorithm that runs on the device to transform an input
> > string into an output string", is not productive IMO.
> Please, not again. Please go read the archives why software always meant 
> "any stream of bits" and only gets sometimes narrowed in meaning to
> "instructions" in the recent time.

I have been following this thread since last month, and nobody has yet
convinced me that programs (DFSG#2) are equivalent to "software" as
referred to in the rest of the Social Contract.  Feel free to put
forward a good argument or link to a refutation.

Ryan Underwood, <nemesis@icequake.net>

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