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Re: problem with dpkg-reconfigure and noninteractive frontend

I would like to ask why Debconf is not a registry. Debconf seems the
perfect vehicle for deploying settings to a number of Debian boxes. And
in fact, most of the time it is. There are a few cases, and a few
specific packages however that make it a bit of a trouble.

What my office does is store a central Debconf settings file, and an apt
mirror. Once a night, or during install, we add the network settings to
the local settings, and reconfigure each changed package. For the most
part this works perfectly. We can deploy policy changes to Debian
packages, and our own packages, very easily. It's a blessing.

However, and this was brought up recently regarding the locales package
(see bug #245337). It seems that Debconf Is Not A Registry. I'm not
quite sure what this means!

It would be EXTREMELY useful if packages were smart about local/Debconf
settings. Merging changes in both of them in order to determine the
actual setting. If one changes a local file, you would expect that
change to persist, but if one changes a Debconf setting, you would
expect that to persist. In fact, if one changes a Debconf setting
manually, I'd expect it to override local settings.... that's what
pushing settings is all about.

So... This has probably been discussed to death, why isn't it good?

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