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Re: pysol removal request

* Alexander Nofftz (alexnofftz@email.com) [040422 17:10]:
> Hi Andreas!
> > For replacing pysol-sound-server and pysol-sounds: Did a
> > source-package needs removal? If not, you don't need to do anything
> > than just not building these binary packages any more (and use the
> > appropriate changelog entries). Rest will be done automatically.

> pysol-sound-server is a source package.

Then file a bug against ftp.debian.org in which you ask for removal,
and say that you're the maintainer and want the removal because
package foo replaces it. Also, please set at package foo the right
Replaces, Provides and Conflicts-Headers. You can / should wait IMHO
with this request until the new package has managed it to get into

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