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Re: pysol removal request

* Alexander Nofftz (alexnofftz@email.com) [040422 15:10]:
> I have noticed that there is a removal request on my PySol package,
> becaused it used precompiled binaries.
> I have fixed this know, so this request should be removed. Instead
> the packages "pysol-sound-server" and "pysol-sounds" should be removed,
> since they are useless now.

Well, the removal request for testing is version-specific. So, just
upload the new version, close the RC-bugs in it, and it will
automatically go to testing.

For replacing pysol-sound-server and pysol-sounds: Did a
source-package needs removal? If not, you don't need to do anything
than just not building these binary packages any more (and use the
appropriate changelog entries). Rest will be done automatically.

> I don't know how to do this, because my packages are sponsored.

You don't need any DD-superpower for that. Just follow the usual
procedures, like the ones described in the policy and the developers
reference, and it will work. (Well, actually nobody except the Release
Managers can edit the removal requests - and nobody else needs to.)

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