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Time Sync with rdate

We have tried to implement the time synchronization by using the rdate
command being supported by FTX but got the following error 

- rdate: connect: Connection refused .

Please note that we are trying to synchronise the 618 server with remote Digital server and
Following changes in the mentioned files have been done -

File                            Change
/etc/inetd.conf                 The line for time service for TCP/IP - time     stream  tcp
nowait  root    internal        
                        have been uncommented.

/etc/hosts                      The entry of the remote server has been added.

Also please note that other commads using the TCP/IP service such as ping is running 
successfuly when invoked from the 618 server for the same Remote Digital server.

We have some of the following queries - 

1) How we can solve the above mentioned  problem ?

2) Is there any change to be reflect in the inetd configuration files ?

3) How rdate would behave in case client time clock is ahead of the remote server clock ?

Thanks and Regards,
Gurpreet Kaur
Research Engineer
Centre for Development of Telematics,
#935, Akbar Bhawan
New Delhi-110021

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