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Annoucing ...

Hi all,

	Now, I know how this mail went last time, and what it
entailed. However, at this time, the software in question is actually
in unstable ...

	Okay, you beat it out of me. It's a new major version of
Linda, which has been in the pipeline for the last 7 months or so, and
could be classed a rewrite. I have gone over every part of Linda,
rewriting some parts, cleaning up other parts, and doing other major

Some of the new features are:
 * Full i18n support.
   - Linda now completly supports other languages, down to debug
     messages and errors in packages. However, I need translators! Please
     contact me if you have the experience and time to translate a 70Kb POT
 * A full testsuite.
   - During building, Linda will run an automated testsuite, that
     checks the internals, and every check Linda runs over a
     package. Therefore, if a bug is reported, it will get fixed once and
     (hopefully) not occur again.
 * Intelligent parsers.
   - Linda now contains intelligent parsers for the different kind of
     files that Linda encounters in day-to-day running, such as Makefiles
     or Debconf templates.
 * Polished checks.
   - All of the checks have either been substanially rewritten, or
     polished so that they behave much better than the checks in Linda

	Flames, comments, bottles of vodka or episodes of Star Trek

"You have a fear of nothingness, or in laymen's terms, a fear of ...
         - EMH, USS Voyager

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