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Re: "service" command like that in Red Hat

* John Hasler

 > I'm considering adding a "service" command similar to the one in Red Hat to
 > the sysvconfig package.  It would be little more than a link to
 > invoke-rc.d.  Are there any objections?  It occurred to me that the use of
 > such a generic name might give rise to some opposition.

  I would welcome it, because invoke-rc.d is harder to type.  :-)

  Another thing I'd very much like to see is more complete compability with
 RH's init script mechanisms, such as the /etc/init.d/functions library with
 the killproc() and daemon() functions, /sbin/initlog, and probably more.
 But I guess that's not appropriate for inclusion in sysvconfig..

Tore Anderson

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