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Re: Bug#244908: is it OK for invoke-rc.d stop not to stop?

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, J.D. Thomas Hood wrote:
> > It also allows you to kill a daemon that doesn't have a PID file.

Daemons without pidfile control are broken and must be fixed.

IMHO lack of pidfile control in a daemon is a severity important bug on 
itself.  If upstream didn't do the job right, fix it yourself... one can get
simple examples of how to do it from cron and fcron, and a complex one that
allows the forked daemon to comunicate failures and release the parent
process after doing extra pos-fork initialization from cyrus21-imapd.

> When --exec is used without --pidfile, yes.  However that isn't

--exec should never be used for stop.  If you don't have a pidfile, use
--name and pray that you don't kill the wrong thing -- the real fix IS to
maintain a pidfile properly.

Using --pidfile without --name isn't that much of a good idea, however.  I
should probably fix this in the initscripts of the packages I maintain :-)

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