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Survey on Debian usage

 * Enrico's survey on Debian usage - April 2004

This is an exploratory survey on Debian usage.  It is intended to gain
some insights on Debian usage experience.

The goal of this survey is to understand the purposes for which Debian
is being used and the ways in which people use Debian to achieve (or try to
achieve) these purposes.

While this survey is wholly voluntary, the data you give here can be an
essential building block for constructing useful documentation to provide
Debian Developers more insight on how the distribution is being used.

Filling this survey shall take around 30 minutes.  Please try and take the time
to respond.

To fill in the survey, simply reply quoting this message and add your
answers near the "A:" marks.  There's no limit to the length of answers,
so, if you are in doubt, don't hesitate to be verbose.  English answers are
preferred, but you can reply in Spanish, French or Italian if you feel more
comfortable doing so.

All responses will be anonymised before publishing the data.  Replies will be
published without headers and signature, while the original messages will only
be seen and kept by me (Enrico Zini <enrico@debian.org>), and of course the
administrators of some mail servers on the way to here.  You can use encryption
if you prefer: my key ID is 797EBFAB.

Results will be published in my Debian pages (http://people.debian.org/~enrico/),
and announced on the same lists where I posted this survey.

Thank you for your time!

 * Survey

 - Q: Are you a:  (note: you may choose more than one)
      [ ] Debian developer, or otherwise involved in contributing to Debian
      [ ] Free software developer
      [ ] User, using Debian for: _________________________
      [ ] Other: __________________________________

 - Q: Could you please provide one or two typical episodes (whatever you feel
      like) of your life with Debian?

 - Q: Could you please provide one or two fantasy episodes of your life with
      Debian, if you were to make a movie or a comic strip about yourself as a
      Debian protagonist?

 - Q: What Debian distribution are you using?

 - Q: What do you think people use Debian for?

 - Q: What is the thing you most frequently use Debian for?

 - Q: What do you think is the most INTERESTING aspect or feature of Debian?

 - Q: Are there some aspects or features of Debian that do not satisfy you?

 - Q: What do you think is the most USEFUL aspect or feature of Debian?

 - Q: Is there something you especially like doing with Debian?  What is it?

 - Q: Is there something you DO NOT like doing with Debian?  What is it?

 - Q: What is the MOST SUCCESSFUL deed you have achieved with Debian?

 - Please take a moment to recall what is the WORST INCIDENT you had
   with Debian.

   Q: What was it?

   Q: How did you get into it, and out of it?

 - Imagine you have a crystal ball allowing you to see 10 years in the
   future, and have a look inside.  
   Q: Will you still be using Debian?

   Q: If yes, what will you be doing with it?

 - Q: Finally, please feel free to leave any feedback to Debian Developers

Thank you again for your time and help in making improvements to Debian!


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