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Re: more evil firmwares found

Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > >The limits are there. You just dreamed that you can force hardware
> > >vendors to share their IP, giving away things they need to earn the
> > >money to survive. But now it's time to wake up.
> > Um, people said the same thing about software vendors when saying that 
> > free software was an impossibility.
> > 
> > Anyway, I'm not trying to "force" anyone to to anything.  I'm saying 
> A-Ha. "Not trying to force" like "Debian and Redhat had nothing to do
> with the process of making Qt GPLed software, a while ago".

There's a difference between "having something to do with foo" and
"forcing bar to do foo".  Debian most probably did not force Trolltech
AB to release Qt using a free license.  Debian's problems with Qt/KDE
were most probably one reason among many others that made Trolltech AB

> Did you write the excuse for the installation manual already? What are
> you going to tell the users? You are not allowed to install via network
> because your network driver is not free for for us (though for the rest
> of the world).

Well, for what it's worth, didn't we do exactly that for the Qt/KDE
fiasco a couple of years ago?



Have you ever noticed that "General Public Licence" contains the word "Pub"?

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