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Re: Switching kernel drivers to userland microcode loading, and 'contrib'

>>>>> "Nathanael" == Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> writes:

    Nathanael> Those which positively require non-free firmware would
    Nathanael> presumably have to go in 'contrib' even if they were
    Nathanael> using userland firmware loading (because they require
    Nathanael> non-free software to function), so I'd rather spend my
    Nathanael> time on those for which the firmware loading is
    Nathanael> optional.  But I see no way to tell which is which. :-P

No, the kernel could stay in main.  The kernel is useful without those
drivers, so only a enhances relationship would be needed from the
non-free firmware package to the kernel.

Again, not all components of a package must work if only the depends
relationship is satisfied.

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