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Re: Switching kernel drivers to userland microcode loading, and 'contrib'

 --- Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> wrote: 
> Those which positively require non-free firmware would presumably have to go
> in 'contrib' even if they were using userland firmware loading (because they
> require non-free software to function)

Moving drivers to contrib will make this whole process an even bigger
PITA, so I suggest that the following self-serving argument be accepted.
Suppose we have a device that requires non-free software to do anything
useful.  We have moved the non-free software binaries to non-free and we
are left with a nice blob-free driver in the kernel source tree.  Let's
say: "This driver doesn't require the non-free software to function.
After all, with no non-free software at all it can do everything it is
supposed to do, including loading software into the device.  It's the
_device_ that requires the non-free software."

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