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Bug#242419: general: need for a webbased BTS

reportbug already fetch its bug information from a web
page. It sure can send bug information to the server
by using html form. All you need is to make
http://bugs.debian.org take html form alongside with
email for receiving bug reports. Email is not

Anyway, about the user interface. Well since most you
guys are developers, use your codes to make your

Here is a one day hack to do GUI query for existing
bug reports using pygtk and based on reportbug. Of
course you need reportbug installed. No multithread. 

Just unpackage it and run 'reportbug-gtk.py'.

It cannot sumit bug reports yet because the reportbug
codes are complex and messy. And I am not patient
enough to go through reportbug's code. The plan is to
spaw a MUA with package information. I am not gonna
write a MUA just for reportbug. There are better MUAs.
Please finish up what left or wait for month to have
someone finish it.

Walking the walks. It is easy (just one file) and the
codes were well documented. Just finish the last 80%
and you will have a easy to use GUI reportbug. With
just a few hours of work, you would enhance Debian
user's Linux experience tremondously!

Hey, stop sitting around and just talking. The time
you guys spent on argueing was already enough to
finish it.

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