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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

Julian Mehnle wrote:
Erik Steffl wrote:

That's why I think it is better to use standard names, even though some
of them might be objectionable from certain perspectives.

But that's the point!  The name is objectionable from a technical
perspective: it's unnecessarily long and bulky.  We are not writing

well, perhaps if you'd "fix" _all_ of them...then again - if the countries have an official name and you abbreviate it to only contain what you think is neccessary... doesn't sound right...

"Germany (Federal Republic of)", so why write "Taiwan (Province of
China)"?  Just because some piece of paper says it?

there is number of names there that are of same form. if you are changing taiwan but not the other ones your are making political statement. what good is it to mask as technical issue?

Now if debian decides to make a political statement and call taiwan
taiwan I am kinda for it, but let's not pretend that it's not a
political statement, that it's neutral.

The ISO standard is the thing that's being a political statement, not the
other way round.  Technically, we should just call Taiwan "Taiwan".

how exactly is it _technically_ supposed to be called taiwan? use the official name or say that you are going to use some other name to make a statement (and taiwan is not official name in any way - not in iso standard, it's not what taiwan officially calls itself and it's not what china wants to call it, it's just an informal compromise). I am not saying taiwan shouldn't be used. but pretending it's not a political statement is dishonest.


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