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Re: [rebuild request] t38modem/ openh323gk

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 11:52:58PM +1000, Mark Purcell wrote:
> One thing I don't exactly understand, and haven't been able to find documented
> is the criteria by which the buildd  kick off a buildd request of a previously
> failed build.
> For this case in point the last rebuild of t38modem on m68k was attempted
> on 28 Feb 04. The t38modem dependant packages which fixes the issues
> which failed on 28 Feb 04, is the openh323 build which was successful on
> m68k on 22 Mar 04.
> How was the buildd to know that t38modem should be rebuilt given the new
> openh323 which was succesful on 22 Mar 04?

If the build failed due to an obvious build-dependency, then the
operator may place the buildd in state dep-wait. It then automatically
requeues when that dependency is fulfilled.

Neither of these seemed to be immediately obvious build-dep problems, so
they were failed (a FTBFS bug was also filed), only to be requeued 
manually or when a new upload was made. buildd.net and buildd.org have 
facilities for you to determine what state your package is actually in. 

Basically, your package is needs-build until an autobuilder picks it up.
It is then building until a buildd operator does something. For success,
the log is signed and the package gets uploaded. For failure, usually it
ends up in state dep-wait or failed.



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