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Re: Release update

 --- Patrice Fortier <Patrice.Fortier@u-bordeaux3.fr> wrote: 
> Le mar 06/04/2004 à 05:51, Matt Zimmerman a écrit :
> > [...] you should only remove S* links.
> I disagree.
> I can understand why you'd want to remove only S* links, but
> most people like to remove all the references to the service in
> /etc/rc?.d/ (ie: S* and K*).

You allege that most people like to remove all the links, but how
does that prove that removing all the links is the right thing to do?
All those people could be confused about how sysv runlevels are
supposed to be configured.

> BTW, this is exactly what rcconf does (which, as I understand runs
> on top of update-rc.d).

The author of rcconf could also be confused.  And he is.

Thomas Hood

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