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Re: New summary: Binary peripheral software

@ 03/04/2004 11:19 : wrote Goswin von Brederlow :

The question is more if the GPL applies to it. Because if it does and
the binary is not the prefered means of modifying (which it certainly
isn't, come on, claiming that is insane in the normal case) then the
GPLed code it's linked into violates the GPL.

Of cause it's different if its shipped seperatly.
I think it was already stablished that:
1. if it's shipped together (inside a GPL'd file) you have 2 options:
a. consider the blob the preferred form for modification and the whole GPL'd. b. consider it a misrepresentation of license and render the whole undistributable and unlawful. 2. if it's shipped separatedly it is not affected by the GPL'd'ness of the work, and if its license permits distribution, then we can put it in non-free. Unless the license is GPL and you want to GO TO (1:a_or_b above) again.


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